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Hi guys! So, 2010 started a few days ago and here's me trying to catch up.

Anyone made any icons during 20102009? If so gimme a link and I'll post it with tomorrow's pic so everyone can enjoy teh pretty :D
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Sorry, had the BFF over this weekend and there was Christmas baking, food, alcohol, giggles and shopping and no computer whatsoever.

under cut because of naked chest and water running down it... )
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And these images are unfortunately kinda middle/small-ish in size and have another site's logo slashing the images in two. But they're so great I have to add them anyway:


5 more )

I would love to see icons out of these.
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Because I'm so damn tired and haven't had a chance to see NCIS:LA yet and it's the middle of the week - let's cheer ourselves up with some young Vin.

under cut incase more than me feel that it isn't worksafe to watch bare chested hot men (also because he's so damn pretty I added 1 more) )

source: http://vindieselgallery.net as always

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