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and because [personal profile] jumpuphigh just saw it for teh first time - here are a several screencaps from Pitch Black

cut for size )
(find more @ http://vindieselgallery.net/screencaps/ )
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I will admit it.  I had never seen "Pitch Black" until this week.  In fact, I was only inspired to see it due to [personal profile] elizaria 's post of a pic from it.  When Vin started speaking, I melted.  It has been so long since I have seen one of his movies, that I had forgotten how wonderful and velvety his voice is.  Now, I want to go watch everything that he has done; possibly with my eyes closed.

That is all.

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S'my bday today so I'm totally spoiling myself with a wet Riddick post today (click to make bigger)

and a chained up Riddick )

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