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I'm going to be away in UK visiting my BFF so there will be no updates from me Saturday to next week's Sunday = 7th. Anyone else feel up to fill a day? Go for it!

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Vin's out in crappy weather too

Image is huge aka pixelated when minimized to 400px width
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With Wilson the dog?

So I was looking for this image

Vin and Wilson

and found this old pic of him and a puppy. Could it be the same dog? Because as far as I know he's never owned a Shar-Pei so I think the magazine's wrong there.
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No Words

Posting this pic because:
a) I'm really grooving on it today
b) I thought I'd give [personal profile] elizaria  a break from posting.

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I'm being a grump today so I'm gonna have me some Sean Vetter as cranky company

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Vin @ red hotelroom photoshoot

See, there's this image in black and white and I love it and wish it existed in color
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And this from the same shoot

I looove the colors in this one
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Because I'm a total sucker for original Riddick

and because [personal profile] jumpuphigh just saw it for teh first time - here are a several screencaps from Pitch Black

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(find more @ http://vindieselgallery.net/screencaps/ )
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Oh, His Voice

I will admit it.  I had never seen "Pitch Black" until this week.  In fact, I was only inspired to see it due to [personal profile] elizaria 's post of a pic from it.  When Vin started speaking, I melted.  It has been so long since I have seen one of his movies, that I had forgotten how wonderful and velvety his voice is.  Now, I want to go watch everything that he has done; possibly with my eyes closed.

That is all.

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Sun on my (his) face

I just love the color in this picture!
(From the collection of on-set pics from Fast and Furious 2009)
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Hiding behind sunglasses

Hope everyone's having a great Saturday. Me - I'm at work. So here's a quickie post.

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Ghostly Vin

It takes me a little while to remember to DAILY post. OOPS! (I blame it on -27C yesterday and cleaning out the Xmas tree aka pine neeedles everywhere and keeping myself warm)

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Even Vin's pointing out I'm late

Hi guys! So, 2010 started a few days ago and here's me trying to catch up.

Anyone made any icons during 20102009? If so gimme a link and I'll post it with tomorrow's pic so everyone can enjoy teh pretty :D
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Cuddly Vin to keep you over the holidays

Sorry guys, but the holidays are rather busy and therefore this post will be the last one for a few days. If you have any special wishes, themes or other requests for when i start posting again - please let me know in the comments. Happy Holidays!!

Vin was in the movie, Find Me Guilty. This pic is from the first press for the movie (the image is HUGE ergo looks very pixelated when minimized for this entry. Click to see better):

The cuddlebunny images beneath the cut are from the Find Me Guilty premiere. Vin's standing with the RL wife of the man he portrays in the movie.
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Doesn't he look like an absolute sweetheart? *cuddles close*
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Is this what we'd call awkward timing?

Or just not (yet) used to the photographers, Vin?

From Cartier's Watch Party in 2000